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Charissa Hogeland Headshot_edited.jpg


Broadway: Frozen, Heathers, BAZ

Instagram: @charisssahogeland

Listen to original songs by Charissa HERE

In-Person Event Song List:

1. Let It Go

2. Wizard And I

3. Monster (from Frozen)

4. She Used To Be Mine

5. My White Knight

6. Candy Store (Heathers)

7. I’d Rather Be Me

8. Dangerous to Dream (Frozen)

9. Life of the Party (Wild Party)

10. I Dreamed A Dream

11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

12. Cabaret

13. Maybe This Time

14. Someone Else’s Story

15. Being Alive

16. A Moment In The Woods

17. Sound of Music

18. Home (Beauty & the Beast)

19. Once Upon A Dream

20. Someone Like You

21. Bring On The Men