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Amanda Jane

Broadway: Wicked

Instagram: @amandajanecoop

In-Person Event Song List:

1. Popular

2. Thank Goodness

3. Thank Goodness/Somewhere Over the Rainbow medley

4. If I Were A Bell

5. Daughter of the King

6. Where In The World Is My Prince

7. I See The Lake, My Party Dress

8. On the Other Side of the Tracks

9. Dear Mr. Gershwin

10. Notice Me Horton

11. Move On

12. I Know Things Now

13. Oh How I Love Being Rich

14. He Plays the Violin

15. I Can’t Say No

16. Not A Day Goes By

17. Vanilla Ice Cream

18. How Lovely To Be A Woman

19. Mister Snow

20. Travelin’ Through by Dolly Parton

21. I Could Have Danced All Night

22. There’s No Business Like Show Business

23. I Get A Kick Out Of You

24. On Broadway

25. Not For The Life of Me

26. Gimme Gimme

27. I Want To GoTo Hollywood

28. My Favorite Things